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safe (1428891)artist:bluse (386)adagio dazzle (11019)aria blaze (8553)sonata dusk (11843)sunset shimmer (50652)equestria girls (159649)begging (752)blushing (153759)clothes (355604)crying (35763)dirty (1398)discussion in the comments (643)eyes closed (67935)female (759743)frown (19591)homeless (236)hoodie (10283)kneeling (6453)open mouth (104168)pajamas (2495)pants (9778)part of a series (1844)part of a set (7112)poverty (36)shoes (24067)signature (14870)sleepy (1239)slippers (788)sweater (11534)the dazzlings (3753)the wandering dazzlings (6)tired (2444)unamused (11303)


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Background Pony #F17F
"I’m going to let them in. I already KNOW that I’ll regret it but I’ll do it anyway. What the heck is wrong with me?"
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Background Pony #0B59
Sonata: Allias, Can you please let us in?
Allias : No.
Aria: why?
Allias: Because you killed my black cat Simba. It’s 8pm.
Adagio: please, we-
Allias: I told you no, Now get the hell out before i brutally turn into a sabre tooth beast and eat you alive.
(The Dazzlings make puppy dog eyes while begging Allias)
Allias : NO!!!!!!! Go find your mom!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Allias slams the door really hard)
(Dazzlings start to cry painfully)
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Background Pony #E394
Well, it DOES have a sequel image here:
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C Money's avatar
C Money
Duck - bundle of quacks

Sunset: go away.
Sonata: but-
Sunset: no.
Aria: why?
Sunset: why do you think.
Adagio: please, we-
Sunset: once again, no. Now leave before I get angry. You saw that rainbow beam thing? That calmed a demonic force within me. Don’t go, and I will burn you to ashes where stand.
Dazzalings: back up slowly
Sunset: shuts door calmly
Shuts door calmly
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Sdf1jjak's avatar

Looks like they have three options.

1. Find a domestic shelter.

2. Receive charity from Main 6 (that is…if the main 6 have forgiven them)

3. Sell themselves into prostitution.
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