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suggestive129338 artist:brainsucks57 button mash3804 oc606819 oc:cream heart2111 human144098 apron3842 bed36822 board game358 buttoncest335 clothes413321 dice454 eyes on the prize4975 humanized95088 humanized oc2247 imminent incest234 imminent sex5320 implied incest1497 incest12349 joy boy25 milf8384 mother2183 mother and son2612 playing1345 sexual pursuit1 shipping184049 son294 soukan yuugi1


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@Background Pony #3B67
this fanart is based on japanese porn animation where the son and mom somehow having sex by some dark magic by force when playing the game and next episode the sister got into it (not from playing the game) and then they made another series of Sexual Pursuit with different characters

I've seen this hentai! The 2nd episode features him banging his sister! But since Button Mash has no sister, I guess we're either going with Sweetie Belle, or maybe Ruby Pinch since that's what the people in Hasbro prefer!
Background Pony #C7DB
Then Sweetie Belle interrupts the game and takes B.Mash to kindergarten =)

Some families are….closer than others. His nervousness could be because he's not sure he wants to tell his mother out loud that he thinks she's one hot tamale.
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The Anti-Normies

i still believe he is adopted, not kid would go that nervous around his own mom, not matter how hot she is.