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An allusion to >>827454. When this image was featured on Derpibooru, its comment box was derailed by 4chan haters into a Skeletor thread.
safe (1032257)artist:dm29 (1505)flash sentry (7508)twilight sparkle (193979)adventure in the comments (964)alicorn (87385)blushing (96691)bouquet (453)box (2121)box of chocolates (47)carrying (1166)comment event horizon (1)cute (82642)derail in the comments (156)derpibooru history (1)derpibooru legacy (8)diasentres (107)featured image (466)female (328904)flashlight (1752)flower (9579)flower in hair (2360)folded wings (819)food (25762)happy (13378)heart (23534)hearts and hooves day (1308)hoof hold (2771)julian yeo is trying to murder us (243)letter (1858)lilacs (3)looking back (22905)looking up (5332)male (94584)mare (130894)mouth hold (8482)pegasus (79327)ponies riding ponies (1407)pony (346581)raised hoof (16281)riding (2925)shipping (110961)signature (5474)simple background (149257)skeletor in the comments (1)smiling (94280)song in the comments (119)spread wings (22956)stallion (29982)straight (75604)the eternal thread (2)the former eternal thread (1)the image formerly known as the eternal thread (1)the image that started zeb's eternal feud with sirbumpaous (1)thread war (13)transparent background (83949)trotting (660)twiabetes (3958)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (66296)valentine card (137)valentine's day (1477)vector (50611)wall of tags (503)wings (13464)you guys are awesome and i love you (1)


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