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An allusion to >>827454. When this image was featured on Derpibooru, its comment box was derailed by 4chan haters into a Skeletor thread.
safe (937935)artist:dm29 (1448)flash sentry (6635)twilight sparkle (177991)alicorn (27699)blushing (84885)bouquet (400)box of chocolates (45)carrying (1032)cute (69071)derail in the comments (145)featured image (408)female (47599)flashlight (1509)flower (7828)flower in hair (1741)food (20176)happy (11311)hearts and hooves day (1288)hoof hold (2217)julian yeo is trying to murder us (240)lilacs (3)looking up (4298)love heart (15811)male (26135)mare (22670)mouth hold (7126)pegasus (35339)ponies riding ponies (1266)pony (56265)princess twilight (60520)riding (2647)shipping (99082)signature (3880)simple background (115338)smiling (73286)song in the comments (106)spread wings (19570)stallion (8954)straight (67549)the eternal thread (2)thread war (13)transparent background (66032)trotting (582)twiabetes (3143)valentine card (128)valentine's day (1456)vector (45180)


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