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safe1691863 artist:reavz70 twilight sparkle298365 human153264 pony953511 unicorn317177 bed40458 clothes454291 colored pupils9598 cute197685 eyes closed91874 feet39278 female1349745 human ponidox3492 humanized99396 light skin4788 looking back56545 mare473786 pantyhose3394 self ponidox8000 sitting62431 sniffing790 socks65541 stockings32248 sweater14361 thigh highs35674 unicorn twilight16951


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Background Pony #931D
"S-sister, what are you doing?"
"Twily, did I ever tell you how your mane smells to a human? Like grapes… sniff …or wine…"
"Well, I certainly didn't think my skin pigment had anything to do with my natural bodily aroma, but if you say so…
sniff "Mmmmm-hmmm…"