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suggestive148381 artist:spittfireart322 fleur-de-lis3761 human158932 bare shoulders2838 beautiful5780 beautisexy934 beckoning592 bedroom eyes61352 big breasts85976 blushing204565 bow29958 breasts288609 busty fleur-de-lis566 cleavage35633 clothes475840 come hither285 corset4447 curvy6931 cutie mark accessory521 cutie mark necklace122 evening gloves8643 eyelashes12303 female1401533 fingerless elbow gloves794 frilly215 frilly underwear4504 gloves20952 hips2768 humanized101907 lace889 lidded eyes31783 light skin4817 lingerie10831 long gloves6164 lowleg panties20 midriff19838 miss fleur is trying to seduce us267 necklace20366 panties51490 pink underwear4337 ribbon7264 seductive2359 seductive pose1750 skindentation93 smiling260807 socks68539 solo1094113 stockings34210 sultry pose1893 thigh gap712 thigh highs38161 thighs15057 thong6213 underass2616 underwear62486 wide hips18254


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Background Pony #8F06
Just saying the bone structure makes no sense. Those legs cannot intersect and be supported by the hips/waist illustrated. Please google "pelvis" or "human skeleton".
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Well, if humans had more hair colors than the boring four we have now. And of we had coats of hair that could also be any color, instead of the 5-6 skin colors we have now.

Speaking of which, how would Cutie Marks work on Earth? Would a person get it when he finds what he wants to do with his life? What if that person doesn't realize his passion/true calling until he's sixty years olf? What if he changes his mind later?
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When I see pictures like this I send a comment of amazement on the spot without even checking the others.
Really, kudos on this one. So damn well executed and erotic.

@Background Pony #A79F
Tell me you're kidding.
Next you'll want some more boobs because she's flat as a board?

The hips are absolutely perfect!
Background Pony #DA6B
@Background Pony #A79F
I take it you haven't seen too many girls, have you? While more hips would be appreciated, this isn't completely out of the ordinary. Assume she got a boobjob and its even more common.