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safe2172027 artist:nadnerbd180 princess celestia112592 twilight sparkle357341 alicorn313619 pony1600212 unicorn536934 g42026846 beach22014 belly43641 blurry background2365 eye contact7681 female1800155 high res407682 holding a pony4416 lidded eyes47900 long mane7181 long tail5430 looking at each other34244 mare739402 misleading thumbnail1347 momlestia1123 on back34175 open mouth237057 partially open wings2200 slender6550 smiling396665 spread wings94237 tail100179 thin9683 wide eyes19861 wing shelter63 wings222347


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Everybody’s talking about shipping, ‘bedroom eyes’ or her being tired.
But the way I see it Celestia is shielding herself and Twilight from the sun with her wings while she’s looking up in the same direction. She’s squinting because of the bright sunlight behind her white wings.  
…One might wonder why the goddess of the sun ever needs to squint because of brightness. But that seems to be the case to me.