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suggestive162175 artist:graphenescloset719 twilight sparkle322110 alicorn256775 pony1225430 belly32897 burger2138 chubby cheeks4475 fat24616 female1517289 flank1810 food81124 french fries632 impossibly large belly12092 impossibly large butt8216 impossibly wide hips2466 jiggle2017 messy2355 messy eating1374 obese12997 that pony sure does love burgers234 twilard sparkle1504 twilight burgkle557 twilight has a big ass591 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133552 wide hips21546


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Background Pony #2096
Agreed Twilight now give her more heyburger or i get my gun and shoot you
Non-Fungible Trixie -

“W-we just need some time to resupply, your highness. You aren’t our only customer after all. At the rate you’re going, we won’t have enough food to serve to anypony else…N-not that you are any less of a priority! We just don’t want angry ponies complaining to us about not getting their meals because you ate them all. Heh-heh-AAAAAAAUUGH!!!” (Gets turned into an orange)