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safe1587249 artist:rileyav596 sonata dusk12677 equestria girls183032 rainbow rocks17540 adorasexy8489 arm behind head5495 beautiful4894 belly button68906 blue skin134 canterlot high2477 clothes415035 cute181366 female1215011 genki girl9 gym shorts171 gym uniform205 hand on hip4873 midriff18263 ponytail15974 sexy25326 shirt21712 shorts12527 simple background349401 solo983035 sonata donk428 sonatabetes1043 sultry pose1739 t-shirt3820 thighs9146 transparent background181261


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56 comments posted
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

ok, we have white background and black background now, can we have an animated jiggly one next? pretty please with sugar on top :3
Background Pony #44FF
And By "Hit The Showers" I Mean A Saucy Shower With Sonata Herself
Well Count Me In Ms Dusk ;")
Background Pony #DE09
Since Rainbow Rocks, Sonata and Sunset seem to be the two new adorable dorks in the fandom. Let's just hope she comes back in the third movie or whenever.