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MLP 4koma 63 by Shepherd0821
Brought to you by Retire Pyramid Head Scanlations

PS. Yes, what Twilight says is true, read the notes.
suggestive (116452)artist:shepherd0821 (632)applejack (150502)aria blaze (8697)fluttershy (187341)pinkie pie (192275)rainbow dash (207153)sonata dusk (12007)twilight sparkle (265539)zecora (8115)anthro (205866)insect (810)zebra (13860)4koma (638)afterglow (1020)ambiguous facial structure (2179)arisona (420)between breasts (636)big breasts (58642)blue (1027)breast envy (339)breasts (211501)bubble wrap (38)busty applejack (6808)busty fluttershy (13310)busty sonata dusk (1318)cleavage (27987)comic (92268)delicious flat chest (4010)earring (14800)facts (74)female (786257)jewelry (41037)lesbian (84199)midriff (16639)rainbow flat (810)shipping (168546)stripes (800)the stare (301)translation (2288)tube top (449)twisting (18)


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Since the Beginning
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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nobody's favorite
Before I forget again,neither of the URLs in the comic worked when I typed them in. Anyone know where those pages might have moved to?

No prob, glad I was useful.
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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(Previously known as PonyPon)

To Wrath and Ruin🍷
Could be any combo of factors.

And thanks for replying, I know I made that comment awhile ago and couldn’t remember where.
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Ponka Pie
Based on my limited understanding of anatomy and physiology:

Breasts are made of much sterner stuff than testicles. Breasts are mostly adipose, which is pretty tough, and they have nowhere near as many nerve endings per square centimeter as testicles. Testicles are actually pretty solidly built, for their size; the main risk is tearing the vas deferens, which can be repaired surgically.

Unfortunately, my breasts are too small to test whether this is a possibility. And I don’t have bubblewrap.
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Comments31 comments posted