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MLP 4koma 63 by Shepherd0821
Brought to you by Retire Pyramid Head Scanlations

PS. Yes, what Twilight says is true, read the notes.
suggestive132846 artist:shepherd0821638 applejack162756 aria blaze9310 fluttershy203185 pinkie pie207663 rainbow dash224225 sonata dusk12909 twilight sparkle288525 zecora8953 insect1460 zebra16289 anthro240642 4koma653 afterglow1551 ambiguous facial structure2256 arisona434 between breasts796 big breasts73976 blue1187 breast envy427 breasts254774 bubble wrap38 busty applejack9581 busty fluttershy15896 busty sonata dusk1599 cleavage32291 comic103433 delicious flat chest4869 earring18991 facts114 female1287494 jewelry55417 lesbian91945 midriff18525 rainbow flat1028 shipping188588 stripes1072 the stare323 translation2368 tube top528 twisting18


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nobody's favorite
Before I forget again,neither of the URLs in the comic worked when I typed them in. Anyone know where those pages might have moved to?

No prob, glad I was useful.
Ponka Pie

Based on my limited understanding of anatomy and physiology:

Breasts are made of much sterner stuff than testicles. Breasts are mostly adipose, which is pretty tough, and they have nowhere near as many nerve endings per square centimeter as testicles. Testicles are actually pretty solidly built, for their size; the main risk is tearing the vas deferens, which can be repaired surgically.

Unfortunately, my breasts are too small to test whether this is a possibility. And I don't have bubblewrap.

Either AJ has really hard breasts (As in, they must be as solid as bricks) or she must be causing a TON of lasting damage to herself just to do that trick. I mean, isn't that basically the same as a guy crushing bubblewrap by sqeezing his testicles around it?