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dead source19709 safe1588242 artist:baekgup333 princess cadance30510 queen chrysalis32584 alicorn197905 changeling40797 changeling queen12333 abstract background12112 annoyed5107 blushing177941 cadalis236 female918874 floppy ears46863 gritted teeth10439 heart43622 heart eyes14196 horn44863 lesbian92532 mare420797 missing accessory7505 shipping185548 smiling218281 speech bubble20777 story in the comments697 sweatdrop2704 wingding eyes19437


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Background Pony #B468
These two should have gotten married! Screw that idiot Shining Armour, this is perfection!
Background Pony #38D6
"You don't need to be angry or afraid any more, Chrysalis."

"You ruined my plans," the Queen spat,"you snatched my only chance from me, you exiled me to a barren wasteland! Why should I not run you through with my horn?"

Cadance shifted her hooves up to the changeling's neck, her smile never once faltering.

"Because I love you." She leaned closer, barely an inch but it was enough to make the Queen flinch. "So does Shining."

"You… You two! This is all your fault! You and your disgusting love magic!" Her teeth clenched together tightly but Cadance could easily spot the wetness at the edges of the changeling's eyes. "This is some trick, isn't it? You've come to rub salt in my wound, haven't you?"

"It's okay," Cadance repeated softly, "you don't have to be afraid." She leaned in close, brushing her horn against the edge of the Queen's mane.

"Stop it! I am not afraid!" Lips curled back, Chrysalis snarled at the mare before her. "And stop this, now!"

Contrary to those words, and in spite of Chrysalis' attempts to pull away, Cadance leaned in closer, until her head disappeared under the thick tresses of Chrysalis' mane and rested against her neck.

"Stop being so afraid," she whispered.

Chrysalis lifted her hooves, pushing them feebly against Cadance. "Stop it! I'm not… I'm not afraid!" Her voice cracked.

Pink hooves wrapped around a black chitinous body and the mare started to gently sway.

"Please," Chrysalis' voice was hoarse, her words little more than a strained whisper, "please stop."

But her hooves no longer pushed at the mare. Instead, they held her, just as she was held.

And there, deep within the Queen, Cadance could sense it — like the nearly cold embers of a fire, all it needed was just a little help, just a little push.

"Please," she whispered, her hooves squeezing Chrysalis tight, "come back with me. Come back to us."

It did not, as she knew it would not, roar to life; it did not swell up suddenly; it sputtered and sparked but it was given life once more.

And maybe, in time, it would burn just as brightly as hers.
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nobody's favorite
I dunno, a lot of those seem to lose the kismesis/Foe Yay/whatever-it's-called-in-the-circles-you-run-in dynamic that holds the appeal for me here.


"Chrysalis: "I can look just like you!"


Cadence: "Stop it, you're turning me on."

More Cadalis to be had:

My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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@Background Pony #AB2F
Also, there's probably some fun to be had with the idea of Chrysalis impersonating Shining Armor… Or even better, Chrysalis tries to seduce Cadance while taking on the form of Cadance herself, for some potentially interesting mind games.
Background Pony #BB67
It is strange that this pairing doesn't come up more often, the whole mortal enemies in the show thing aside. One wants love, the other has love in abundance, purportedly. It's a match made in heaven

I wonder if those same fans rage at all the SAxTS fics as well
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Cadance: "Yes, but did you appear in an episode beyond your introduction and get a sixty meter palace powered by an artifact that was stolen by it's former king to control the inhabitants of said empire? By the way, your breath smells like my husband."
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@Background Pony #910A

No kidding. I wrote a reasonably popular Cadalis fanfic called All for You, but oh man the Shining Armour fans. Their rage was quite unreasoning.

(And I gave him a happy ending, if perhaps and unconventional one).