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alternative source:http://lvlthesentry.tumblr.com/post/107898750623/nightmare-moon-kinda-wanna-make-her-skin-darker
suggestive139728 artist:lvl226 nightmare moon16704 human151877 comic:life master saga26 armor23341 armpits42593 breasts270240 busty nightmare moon1339 clothes449656 curvy6486 divine59 female1338343 humanized98833 lightning3067 looking at you163541 moon23066 panties49350 pony coloring2600 seductive pose1589 sexy28503 solo1045261 solo female177009 stupid sexy nightmare moon864 unconvincing armor1123 underwear59678


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Background Pony #45BF
dunno what to think about her weird vampire skin color and hair… magical cosmic blue spaghetti?