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suggestive139956 artist:cartoonlion1017 applejack167920 fluttershy210101 pinkie pie213876 rainbow dash231247 rarity179604 twilight sparkle297368 earth pony239543 pegasus282262 pony943656 unicorn312954 balloon10069 bedroom eyes58201 bibliophile120 blushing193370 blushing profusely1944 book32946 cargo ship529 comic107343 dialogue64063 dictionary66 drunk4795 drunk twilight296 eyes closed90563 female1340722 french kiss1814 joke1165 kissing24218 lesbian95334 licking19807 mane six31562 mare468778 open mouth140917 shipping196975 that pony sure does love books1130 tongue out101412 twibook67 twidash5206 webster's dictionary1 wingboner8116


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Wallet After Summer Sale -

Young Leosword
Panel 3: A biography on the life and death of this thing:

I'm aware it says Dic- from the preceding panels, I'd probably be blind had I not. Which is why I've posted the proceeding:

Background Pony #9192
tbh what happen with cartoonlion? Didn't she wanted to do some big project with humanized MLP characters and stuff? she got lots of money support from this if I remember correctly.