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" Reunion of Sunset shimmer and celestia
(teacher and former student of meetings)
i hope like that in Season 5~~ "
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That’s a beautiful picture. It looks like it’s right out of one of the movies.

I’d also love to see Sunset return to the Equestria. We have yet to see her with (pony) Celestia, even though they made it clear that Celestia still cares about her.

Now that they’ve developed Equestria Girls as more independent of the series, I’d love for them to do a movie that worked as a crossover. I envision the Mane 6 being kidnapped, and Starlight going through the mirror to get the Equestria Girls to come back with her to save them. It’d be a good reason for Sunset to overcome the fear she may have of facing Celestia, while also giving her and Starlight a chance to connect over how Twilight helped both of them.
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Background Pony #5581
I expect a tearful reunion between student and teacher….followed by confirming if Luna is still Nightmare Moon or not.
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@the metal bronyhead
meh i don’t Shimmer will ever come to Equestria because of her past at Canterlot

Not going to happen, anyway. She is disregarding her unicorn self ever since she set foot in "human"verse. Or what passes off as the human world.
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