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suggestive (118642) artist:hoverrover (426) dj pon-3 (27247) octavia melody (21489) vinyl scratch (31346) earth pony (166907) pony (764069) unicorn (226763) bedroom eyes (46717) blushing (162101) bowtie (7722) cuddling (7320) cutie mark (36111) ear blush (242) eye contact (5885) female (810164) floppy ears (43179) grin (29636) half r63 shipping (1539) hooves (15208) horn (31005) lineless (3277) male (275941) mare (365844) on back (20899) record scrape (205) rule 63 (23738) scrapetavia (10) scratchtavia (2725) shipping (171863) simple background (309743) smiling (193680) snuggling (6247) stallion (80403) straight (113780) sunglasses (11971) teeth (6852) wide eyes (15352)


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Background Pony #AF7C
Rule 63 Vinyl and standard Octavia is SO much hotter than any other variation… nnf…
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Well, yes I am but that's not quite what I meant. For some reason, I just like it when a female Octavia is acting sultry towards a male Vinyl, rather than if the situation were reversed [as in a male Octavia and a female Vinyl]. Maybe it's just the idea of a classy mare acting against expectations.

Or maybe I'm just wearing my shipping goggles again.