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suggestive135151 artist:hoverrover427 dj pon-328658 octavia melody23202 vinyl scratch28658 earth pony223759 pony904089 unicorn295042 bedroom eyes56069 blushing186305 bowtie9414 cuddling8026 cutie mark44075 ear blush362 eye contact6297 female1304290 floppy ears48855 grin35531 half r63 shipping1899 hooves17169 horn55645 lineless3598 male350777 mare449275 on back23266 record scrape218 rule 6325831 scrapetavia17 scratchtavia2893 shipping191432 simple background370427 smiling230005 snuggling6407 stallion100497 straight129888 sunglasses13705 teeth8297 wide eyes16526


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Background Pony #733D
Rule 63 Vinyl and standard Octavia is SO much hotter than any other variation… nnf…
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Artist -

I comment unfunny jokes
Well, yes I am but that's not quite what I meant. For some reason, I just like it when a female Octavia is acting sultry towards a male Vinyl, rather than if the situation were reversed [as in a male Octavia and a female Vinyl]. Maybe it's just the idea of a classy mare acting against expectations.

Or maybe I'm just wearing my shipping goggles again.