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safe1750187 artist:devinian42 oc711785 oc only465360 oc:blue peleide23 butterfly7294 butterfly pony67 flutter pony408 monarch butterfly31 pony1010257 bridge1198 butterfly wings545 featured image907 flower26700 flower in hair8074 flower in tail140 flying39405 frown23561 looking down9312 mask7068 nature1010 open mouth154256 raised leg8076 river2043 rose4011 scenery8230 scenery porn867 smiling260836 sunflower514 tiny1329 tulip106 water14250


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Manually Breathing
@And Brother I Hurt People
Rule #7 is meant to be a way for someone to make a short interjection with something above the rating in an otherwise normal comment, and allow mods to spoiler one or two lines out of a paragraph rather than delete the entire comment.

Having entire conversations about topics over the rating is not OK, spoiler or not.

@Background Pony #FDB4
How one could think that comment of yours was OK on a Safe image is mind boggling.

I'm honestly going to consider locking the comments on featured images, given this sort of pointless derail into anything but the image happens way too often.
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@And Brother I Hurt People
Spoilered or not, it is tactless to talk about unrelated subjects above an image's rating, especially on the featured image. There are a couple threads in the forum for what they were discussing. They can bugger off there and leave this image unpolluted.
Background Pony #60E8
@And Brother I Hurt People
Personal preferences and opinions about certain people and their character might have played their role here as being indicated by the phrase
@Background Pony #FDB4
Of course it's you.
I am in no way claiming that I'm innocent and I honestly didn't even think I was breaking the rules. Next time I will spoiler such comments because getting banned for random nonsense is somewhat annoying.
And Brother I Hurt People
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Thing is…they were having a legitimate conversation that pertained to the image. It wasn't like they were spamming "VORE FETISH IS DISGUSTING VORE FETISH IS DISGUSTING" on random images. It makes me wonder why the mod who deleted the comments didn't just spoiler them. I know that they delete useless comments because it's easier than "fixing" them, but in this case…
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I have had a butterfly pony for a while now ! Butterfly ponies are beautiful