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A Christmas Gift For Nocturna ……is probably not going to be big enough. As we all know the size of a gift equals the size of our love for someone, and Nocturna won't be satisfied until Maneia properly proves her devotion. Although to be fair, Nocturna hasn't even picked out a gift for Maneia yet… she's good at bringing pain and fear, bad at bringing Christmas Cheer.
safe (1524494) artist:thelordofdust (33) oc (574480) oc only (393899) oc:maneia (44) oc:nocturna (38) anthro (219394) unicorn (244030) belt (4167) boots (17640) choker (8407) christmas (11913) clothes (388472) dress (37707) female (849204) hand on hip (4081) hat (72325) holiday (15368) human facial structure (1124) megalomaneia (10) obsession is magic (46) present (5251) santa costume (1342) santa hat (5417) smiling (202886)


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