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Jumping on the open-chest turtleneck sweater meme bandwagon, because I can.
I rather think that Sunset Shimmer is naturally a bit of a snarker, hence her lines here. Its all in good fun though.
Also, how the hell do artists make their color sketches look so good? This was my first attempt at the style it lookslacking.

suggestive185389 artist:ambris1434 sunset shimmer77294 unicorn512206 anthro345850 g41926507 blushing261535 boob window2242 breasts375945 busty sunset shimmer7817 chest fluff61746 cleavage44851 clothes611297 curved horn10561 female1738812 frown34023 keyhole turtleneck579 open-chest sweater582 solo1381222 sweater18810 turtleneck1925


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Background Pony #4FE2
Sunset,may I keep you warm? Sunset:yes’her and I hugged’there better now! Sunset: thank you for that
Artist -

Men not liking it doesn’t invalidate their heterosexuality either. I dislike it because it sacrifices practicality for sex appeal (the same problem I have with so many depictions of female armor in fantasy settings).

Anyone who does not like females in these sorts of sweaters, may proceed to leave their Heterosexual Membership Cards at the door as they leave.
Magnificent Metadata Maniac - #1 Assistant
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Ruby -

Depending on what you hope to achieve by wearing it, it can be a very stupid or very smart choice. If your goal is keeping warm? Definitely the former.