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Well…. Just getting along what is popular right now OwO b

safe1751576 artist:operationmank8 sunset shimmer64841 equestria girls207331 blatant lies1346 blushing204822 boob window1320 cleavage35659 clothes476351 cute205811 female1402829 grammar error1848 i'm not cute399 keyhole turtleneck544 misspelling2498 modesty24 open-chest sweater575 shimmerbetes4484 solo1095073 sweater14930 turtleneck1509


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Sunset Shimmer Fan

You, Sunny-sun, are a liar. As far as I’m concerned, you are the cutest mutant-humanoid, and one of the cutest ponies.

You don’t think you won prom queen 3 years in a row just because of your manipulation, blackmail, & character assassination do you? No. It’s also because you are attractive.

Millennial Dan
Artist -

@Background Pony #9969
Modesty is not the same thing as low self-esteem. In this picture, she did accept the complement, and she did so in a completely adorable way. Sunset is, canonically, reluctant to make things about herself after everything that happened. It’s endearing to see her try to be more humble, and it’s pretty ironic to get critical about it.

Background Pony #2DC5

Ugh, I hate this kind of thing. “Hurrr low self-esteem waifuuu!! hurr”
Good artist, though, don’t get me wrong.
Also a little advice for anyone, don’t act like this. If someone gives you a compliment, take it. They just passed you. Don’t take your test and point out why you should’ve failed and the have them fail you. Take your A.

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simple attitude change turned raging she-demon to cutie with no gratuitous makeover session.

this would never work in a live action movie (where dramatic makeover/total overhaul is mandatory)

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Fluff Appreciator

Hey, Sunset’s great. She really is.

She’s cute, earnest, and skilled, and smokes Twi in every way important. She’s right up there with the Trixter.

But nobody can replace her.

in my heart.