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“This months patreon sponsored picture!
Twilights very first royal speech in Ponyville. Im sure the gathered ponies are just assuming that shes very nervous while Celestia and her are having some fun in secret.
Big thanks to everybody who voted on this picture and to the person who suggested this idea! I had fun drawing it. I hope yall enjoy it!
If you like my art and would like to be part of next months voting process, please consider supporting my patreon
explicit409998 artist:ratofdrawn1155 applejack186298 big macintosh31053 blossomforth1518 bon bon17744 derpy hooves53642 lyra heartstrings31947 pinkie pie236599 princess celestia104113 rainbow dash257100 roseluck5617 sweetie drops17744 twilight sparkle329966 alicorn269590 pony1294632 anal insertion10505 anatomically correct29355 anus116423 bedroom eyes71093 blushing234516 buttplug4633 clitoris33929 crowd1259 crown24122 discreet sex toy103 double penetration5066 dripping6767 drool29735 exhibitionism11129 female1578351 glowing horn24749 grin51524 heart clitoris1788 high res83869 hoof shoes7332 horn112456 humiliation2475 insertion20604 jewelry88441 lesbian107523 levitation14058 lip bite13502 magic85113 mare603485 nudity444095 one ear down921 penetration72508 peytral4803 ponut53975 princess shoes257 public1808 public humiliation583 public nudity3892 regalia28767 scroll3788 sex145750 sex toy29839 shipping227043 shivering2310 smiling323250 spread wings73107 squee2051 stealth sex1130 sweat32856 telekinesis33479 this will end in papercuts2 thrill of almost being caught631 twilestia2678 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137253 unusual insertion1078 urethra2814 vaginal insertion7399 vaginal secretions45900 vulva157255 vulvar winking14671 wingboner8985 wink29163


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Now, now, Princess Celestia. I know that Twilight promised you more of the lovely scented stationery you like so much, but surely there’s no rush.
Background Pony #06DC
I guess she’s a real politician now — she pulled a speech out of her ass.