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Maud slams poetry like rocks…uh…slam other rocks? I dunno.

Was fortunate to be asked for "another official image for the Enterplay MLP card game!" This time the theme was Maud Pie doing open mic poetry.

Had so much fun working on this, I think it's my fourth piece for the CCG!

If you're interested, you can also pick it up as a playmat at the "Enterplay online store";jsessionid=1F9530322265BBF6DA7933C707BAF8AE.m1plqscsfapp06?productId=181&categoryId=17 along with "my Derpy Mail Mare mat";jsessionid=1F9530322265BBF6DA7933C707BAF8AE.m1plqscsfapp06?productId=164&categoryId=17

Thank you SO MUCH to Rob, Leslie, Gail and everyone at Enterplay and Hasbro for allowing me to make ponies for you! It's truly an honor!

And thanks to my fellow horse fans for playing and supporting the CCG! <3
safe1704102 artist:pixelkitties1190 applejack169692 fluttershy212393 maud pie12445 ms. harshwhinny2367 pinkie pie215992 rainbow dash233682 rarity181624 twilight sparkle300046 alicorn224039 pony965377 bored1461 facehoof1751 female1360936 mane six31865 mare479437 mask6739 microphone5038 night26285 poetry86 professionalism110 sleeping23401 spotlight1330 stage3087 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123558


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