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Colored version of >>15168.
safe1724706 artist:elslowmo276 artist:mickeymonster552 lyra heartstrings29824 human156495 pony985042 ahegao25134 behaving like a dog1381 bellyrubs1118 chin scratch100 cute202569 female1379283 hand8865 heart49089 human fetish665 humie451 lyrabetes1404 micro9179 open mouth149473 squee1969 tail wag1086 that pony sure does love hands283 tickling4672 tiny ponies1475 weapons-grade cute3730


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Guys, you know how people keep trying to figure out how big a pony really is? Well, what if the whole time, the ponies were the exact size of the toys like in this pic?

(And nopony gives a buck of what I'm saying. :3)