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suggestive143222 artist:average-hanzo57 fluttershy212903 anthro260652 bandeau956 belly button78067 breasts278190 busty fluttershy17265 clothes460437 cosplay27747 crossover62316 female1365239 looking at you169028 midriff19348 open mouth146308 pubic fluff3830 side slit1399 skirt39838 solo1065752 sonic adventure48 sonic the hedgehog (series)7503 spread wings54822 tikal20 underboob3926


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Tikalshy? Interesting concept. Though it's clear that Tikal was supposed to be the sort of timid wallflower with hidden strength that Fluttershy is, the SA voice work ruined that image…
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Young Leosword
@Background Pony #FF6C
She was naked when she died. :D

"Then why did her flashy orb thing astral project herself with clothes?"

Why did I punch your teeth out? >:C

(There's still no internet lingo for "silly voice"… :\ )