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safe1706855 artist:scramjet747206 apple bloom49513 pipsqueak2847 ruby pinch1341 scootaloo51262 sweetie belle49044 oc684921 oc:loki ebonhoof74 earth pony248920 pegasus291985 pony968043 robot7807 robot pony3608 unicorn323574 ask24736 blade223 blank flank7588 colt14921 female1363510 filly66708 foal15425 grin38554 gritted teeth12254 hooves17849 horn67325 male372848 meanie belle410 mouth hold17492 open mouth145917 pipsqueak gets all the mares19 raised hoof45667 scootabot150 scott pilgrim vs the world112 smiling248595 sweetie bot1324 sword11671 teeth9788 text59563 weapon30499


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

SFW tumblrs with funny stories, consistency, and relatively good art? Sure, I guess that they deserve that.

Also, this is awesome. I really hope this happens.
Background Pony #4D7C
Looks like he had a bi-curious phase too.

Also Pinchy confirmed for evil mastermind.