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The inherited magic of the daughter of an elemental bearer, Rainbow Dash, combined with the griffon-magic of Gilda, trained by kind teachers… they all had such high hopes.

But sometimes, things don't turn out so well. Sometimes bad things happen to her friends, and then… the nightmare gets in.
safe1691715 artist:raikoh925 oc675586 oc only443450 oc:rainbow feather304 griffon26740 hippogriff9572 absurd resolution65924 antagonist1595 bad end2113 evil2875 interspecies offspring7189 magical lesbian spawn11823 nightmare1436 offspring38392 parent:gilda626 parent:rainbow dash5647 parents:gildash344 rainbow hair2367 solo1054192 transformed253


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a site admin with "This comment has been deleted by a moderator or marked as spam"? Now i really REALLY wanna kno what he( or she) said. Also, when i first saw this i thought gilda had killed/eaten rainbow and absorbed her powers.