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So I have no clue what that background is supposed to be so… it’s a floor. They’re laying on a floor somewhere. I was too busy trying to picture what kinds of things would be talked about afterward; like picture that you’re Flash Sentry, that odd girl who showed up at school transformed into a big hippocampus… thing, raped you, and layed eggs in you. I can picture it now:
”You caused so much turmoil it got me sooo hard…“  
”All I did was make eyes at Twilight Sparkle for God’s sake!!!“
”Aah! One of them moved!“  
”Yeah, they’ll do that.“
”Oh quit crying, you liked it. You totally had a wicked boner the entire time!“
So I never actually saw Rainbow Rocks; I just wanted an excuse to put Flash on the business end of an ovipositor. Also, Adagio Dazzle sounds like a kind of fancy cheese.
explicit369663 grimdark29900 artist:badumsquish2042 derpibooru exclusive30035 adagio dazzle13534 flash sentry13337 hippocampus391 human162145 merpony2355 siren2209 equestria girls211542 rainbow rocks18652 a-domme-gio93 anal29166 barefoot29094 belly30411 blushing209682 brad392 egg4207 egg inflation165 egg insertion394 eggnant148 eyes closed101383 face licking296 feet42667 female1432604 femdom8579 flashagio52 futa48615 futa adagio dazzle144 futa on male2590 futadom1766 human on siren action42 human penis11830 impregnation3227 inflation9812 insertion18886 intersex46566 interspecies24162 licking21328 male399175 male pregnancy658 malesub5362 moaning6595 nudity391192 open mouth161186 oviposition2134 ovipositor764 penis163065 pregnant13729 pregsentry6 rape8378 rape pregnancy240 sex129130 show accurate17808 show accurate porn7658 size difference15424 straight143206 struggling1086 sub sentry36 submissive17755 true form257


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@The Smiling Pony  
The aftermath will be even weirder, I wager. Imagine Asiago Dazzle waking up in her human form, looking over to find the very pregnant and still unconscious Flash laying beside her, and she’s just “Oh dammit I did that thing again…” all calm-like.
@Background Pony #2392  
Imma make you guys hard for Flash if it kills me!
I’m glad I decided to do Flash instead of GMHAA at the last second.
Background Pony #1F29
Goddamnit. I’m hard and it’s at Flash Sentry of all things.
Good job.
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Welp, I never expected to have a boner in a pic involving human Flash but you made it.
This makes me hope for a continuation where Aria and Sonata get their turns to fill him with even more eggs. After all, the leader always goes first.