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safe1920524 artist:megasweet3190 fluttershy233316 rainbow dash254951 bee1180 butterfly8225 chipmunk169 pegasus383083 pony1267920 cloud36398 cloudy6360 cute228522 dashabetes10679 female1555603 filly80975 filly fluttershy814 filly rainbow dash1391 flower31345 flower in hair9653 foal25534 frown27414 hooves21938 lying on a cloud546 on a cloud2318 prone29909 raised hoof57372 scared12210 shyabetes16401 standing17084 tail pull2481 wavy mouth4558 wide eyes18489 wings163281 young1802 younger19664


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This one was featured on Ponibooru not so long ago.
@Psychopomf: Scootaloo and other pegasi go to a school in Poniville, though.