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safe1708257 artist:yakovlev-vad494 twilight sparkle300567 alicorn224799 butterfly7090 firefly (insect)890 mosquito34 parasprite2047 pony969384 art894 blanket5320 book33512 candle4736 chest fluff39207 coffee mug1285 comfy222 cookie3675 female1364809 fluffy14258 food70225 incense60 inkwell448 lake1541 lantern1606 levitation12133 magic73357 mare481563 mountain5123 mug4250 reading6275 russian4512 scenery8043 scenery porn847 scroll3403 sky14183 solo1065482 table9233 tea3062 telekinesis27776 tree32290 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123770 water13286


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I (accidentally) FOUND IT!

A friend of mine who knew I liked Twilight gave a print of this to me and I loved it, however she forgot where she got it from. Lo and behold, as I'm searching for a different picture I stumble upon this!

Finally! Favorited!
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
I was about to ask if Butterflys like to hover around light sources at sunset, but then I noticed that parasprite going for Twi's snacks…. WATCH OUT TWILIGHT That Parasprites totally going to eat your cookie thingies!!
Background Pony #0895
<3 i wanna ruffle my hand through that chest fur.. so soft! silky smooth!
Background Pony #04E4
Detail in this is incredible from the wood texture, the way the fabric moves, the fireflies. i would expect a commission of this quality to run a couple hundred dollars, that we get it for free is extremely generous.

the one thing i don't get is her chest fluff. is it feathers or fur?
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I want to be someplace that looks like that, except without all the pollen, spores, biting insects and tropical diseases that are in such places.