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suggestive145613 artist:speedosausage23 twilight sparkle303304 human156888 aftersex9537 barefoot28016 bed41637 crossover63033 crossover shipping3084 cuddling8480 feet40730 female1382737 happy31745 hug28736 hug from behind432 humanized100953 male380766 naked hug312 night26887 nudity376434 peter parker588 shipping203058 smiling254637 snuggling6571 spider-man1803 spiders and magic: rise of spider-mane464 spidertwi362 straight138499


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

I'm getting a little tired of all the Peter Parker x Twilight shit lately. I was fine with the author of the story wanting to get some art done of his story but glorifying it every chance possible by either him or his fans doesn't and won't ever make it an any better story(This applies to all forms of works of literature and media). It's completely overrated and the chemistry between the two still seems highly unlikely, despite what the story dictates.

Sure there are stories that have large followings of fanart, such as Past Sins and Fallout: Equestria, for example, but most of them were done over the course of a few years. And nowadays you don't see such a frequency of art done of those kinds of stories as much as we used to. Don't get me wrong. I actually enjoyed the original Fallout: Equestria and believed that it deserved the recognition it got, despite my views on the author's outlook on criticisms towards his works and his ability to take it from a constructive perspective.

But since I can't stop this from happening and I don't like the idea, I will at least exercise my ability to openly dislike this. That and the art style looks a little weird here.