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safe1615096 artist:whitediamonds476 apple bloom47507 applejack162539 rarity173738 scootaloo49635 sweetie belle47284 earth pony215752 pony882796 unicorn285007 abstract background12664 adorabloom2544 apple15272 bow25807 cute186177 cutealoo2644 cutie mark crusaders18343 diasweetes2711 female1285705 filly61580 hair bow14148 halloween8014 heart44599 holiday17025 jack-o-lantern2256 jackabetes5436 lesbian91830 levitation11141 magic68411 mare439247 messy2106 pumpkin4091 pumpkin carving87 raribetes4916 rarijack6737 rarijack daily238 shipping188267 table8524 that pony sure does love apples750 tumblr34695


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13 comments posted
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
=smooshes a pumpkin pie on yer face= :P

I just noticed the "Adorabloom" tag for adorable l'il Apple Bloom, but how come no similar tags for Scoots and Sweetie?

Call for an Adorabelle tag, and perhaps, hmm….Adoraloo? xD =adds them both=