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safe1676777 artist:whitediamonds478 apple bloom48723 applejack167495 rarity179155 scootaloo50749 sweetie belle48452 earth pony237933 pony939492 unicorn311220 abstract background14058 adorabloom2668 apple15893 bow27782 cute195393 cutealoo2797 cutie mark crusaders18817 diasweetes2851 female1336696 filly64792 hair bow15070 halloween8173 heart47120 holiday19927 jack-o-lantern2312 jackabetes5801 lesbian95009 levitation11828 magic71782 mare466659 messy2173 pumpkin4205 pumpkin carving88 raribetes5256 rarijack6964 rarijack daily238 shipping196320 table8977 that pony sure does love apples771 tumblr34814


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
=smooshes a pumpkin pie on yer face= :P

I just noticed the "Adorabloom" tag for adorable l'il Apple Bloom, but how come no similar tags for Scoots and Sweetie?

Call for an Adorabelle tag, and perhaps, hmm….Adoraloo? xD =adds them both=