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Edit of >>609207 and >>609969
semi-grimdark (23239)artist:herny (424)princess celestia (80020)twilight sparkle (247727)alicorn (148954)arson (74)cheerful (28)comic (83758)cute (135485)dialogue (45828)female (694298)fire (8099)grimcute (326)hallucination (136)magic (53545)mare (302697)mental breakdown (22)mental illness (17)on fire (143)open mouth (96980)pony (633560)pyromaniac (52)schizophrenia (39)smiling (170031)solo (835343)telekinesis (18900)the simpsons (1407)this will end in fire (130)this will end in jail time (291)torch (469)trollestia (713)trotting (1032)tulpa (176)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (94867)voices (15)weapons-grade cute (2526)

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…then she walks straight up to Canterlot to the Princess’s throne.

Twilight: Okay Princess Celestia, I did what you ordered.

Celestia: Huh? Ordered you what?

Twi: "Burn stuff". I was in Ponville at the time so I burned all of Ponyville down.

Tia: (!!) I didn’t tell you do that!

Twi: Yes you did, you were using some special magic where I saw a bubble of your face.

Tia: (?!) Okay…well I have another assignment. (She procures a straightjacket) There’s a mental health institution just outside of the castle quarters. Take this and mention this is for somepony very special. The guards will escort you.

Twi: …OK. (She walks off gleefully with guards flanking both sides of her.)
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