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When Thanos got his hands on all the gems, he snapped his fingers and wiped out half of all life in the galaxy.

Yeah…I’m gonna go with "the Gems are a lot more powerful (and much, much more dangerous) than the Elements of Harmony."

Plus, don’t forget the kind of guys the Gems tend to attract.
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They’re the same colors except for Pinkie’s anyway, although they don’t match up terribly well that way.

Twi = Magic = Mind
AJ = Honesty = Reality
Fluttershy = Kindness = Soul

The rest aren’t so great, but:

Rarity = Generosity = Power (A prince should be generous, just ask Machiavelli)
Pinkie = Laughter = Space (4th wall powers ahoy!)
RD = Loyalty = Time (for your friends — also explains why she’s fast)
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