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safe (1428025)artist:ncmares (694)sunset shimmer (50614)pony (697189)unicorn (202892)climbing (230)climbing harness (20)crossover (52968)gun (12349)night (19402)night vision goggles (67)nightvision goggles (38)pistol (1599)rain (5034)sam fisher (12)splinter cell (73)spy (1025)suppressor (109)weapon (22798)


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Background Pony #297C
Coming soon from the makers of Ghost Recon, Rainbow Mane Six, and Assassin’s Creed: Equestrian Unity:

Shimmer Cell: Blacklist

A threat has been made against Canterlot by an unknown enemy. As Lunar Echelon operative Sunset Shimmer, your objective is simple: Prevent a series of devastating attacks on Equestria by any means necessary.


-Fully rendered 3D Equestria, from the Badlands, the Everfree Forest, Ponyville, Appleloosa, Sunny Town, Dodge Junction and more. Infiltrate jungles, urban cities, small towns and more in large, open levels; the option is yours.
-Film-quality story where you actions determine how the story progresses.
-Go as silent as Fluttershy, as lethal as Rainbow Dash, or all out as Pinkie Pie.
-Operate a variety of vehicles & weapons in your quest to save Equestria, from hot air balloons, steam powered cars, party cannons, and more.
-Take the battle online in Spies vs Terrorists in asymmetrical combat with up to 16 players or as a unit in co-op missions.
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