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safe (1361997)artist:whitediamonds (453)apple bloom (41590)applejack (141037)rainbow dash (195657)rarity (149919)scootaloo (44906)sweetie belle (42053)clothes (333904)costume (20500)cutie mark crusaders (15338)earth pony (130513)female (698222)filly (45192)freckles (18248)glasses (43701)glowing horn (12225)halloween (5325)lesbian (76126)looking at each other (11264)magic (53826)mare (304775)nightmare night (3811)nightmare night costume (1152)open mouth (97461)pegasus (169044)pirate (2028)pony (638176)rarijack (5559)rarijack daily (237)shipping (154258)smiling (170850)unicorn (179542)witch (1737)


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Great Plateau
Happy Derpy! - For Patreon supporters

(Previously known as HighRollerHydra)

"Scootaloo, dear, why can’t you dress up like a ninja or a cowcolt?"
"Because Rainbow Dash is awesome!"
"I understand…it’s just it’s…a bit…oh, never mind."
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