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I think she was going to admit that she didn't think she could do the counterspell.

But all I could think of is some sort of 'almost love confession' thing.

…I have to cut down on my anime.
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@Thanotos Omega
It took forever for it to even start up its ship, whenever I read the parts about the story's ship I can't help but feel like the parts that were unrelated to it were a lot better. Except for the scene with Cadance as a radio host. I just don't feel invested in the ship as presented there. At least not yet.
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They/Them if you please,
I think that's because it's not the sole focus of the story, and is a relatively new element, Since Sunset is our focus so Twi's crush isn't given to much attention until Sunset actually starts to catch on, The Writer is simply to good at writing people interacting for me to get to worried about how the shipping will go,
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@Background Pony #573D

I agree. A lot of the development was focused on Sunset Shimmer and her dealing with being an ex "she-demon" (hawt), but a lot of it was focused on her in comparison to Twilight as well. Twilight became a princess when Sunset was almost destined to become a princess first (if she hadn't messed it up like she did.) Everyone was so excited to see Twilight when she returned and looked to her to save the day even though Sunset Shimmer wanted to badly to help and to redeem herself.

I think FiM excels (actually excels and not just "good for a kid's show") at developing the relationships between the main characters. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash in Hurricane Fluttershy. Rarity and Applejack in Look Before You Sleep. Spike and Twilight in various episodes. Pinkie in the context of her being different in episodes like Party of One and Pinkie Pride.

And Rainbow Rocks had various moments where Twilight and Sunset Shimmer related and bonded about being helpful and useful when everyone is (or was) depending on your abilities. Good stuff.
James Rye
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"Sunset Shimmer…"

Do it, Twi! TEll Sunset your true feelings! DOOOOOOOOO IIIIIIIIIIIT!!!

"…Nevermind. It's not important."