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explicit321413 artist:bonk130 artist:scott mundy2 oc611958 anthro233465 human143992 anus87865 clothes413828 corset piercing58 female916163 irl63336 irl human24848 nudity337922 panties46367 photo71513 solo980917 solo female169319 tattoo4673 tattoo for the fearless3 tattooception4 uncensored155 underwear55661 vagina46054 vaginal secretions36625


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Background Pony #906D
The pose and art style is very reminiscent of the anime Panty and Stocking with Garter belt
Specifically the character stocking
Background Pony #5EEC
Just put the tattoo near your stuff. Then when someone discovers it they're already in your pants.
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I suspect that if your tattoo is worksafe, you'll get less flak over it, but I don't know what your tattoo looks like, so I can't form a meaningful opinion.

That said, this is the real wold, and just because something you did wasn't wrong doesn't mean you can't be punished for it.

Reading the comments on this make me extremely glad my flutter shy tattoo has basically none all that really matters she likes the tattoo whatever floats your boat you know what I mean it's not up to us to decide what other people do with their life or body
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@Background Pony #F996
Yeah, probably.

Though, in all seriousness, I find it eyerollingly silly when people assume that saying patriarchal systems are responsible for something means that "you, individual man, are responsible." Even if a man benefits from patriarchal systems, it doesn't mean they are to be blamed for it. It's a social system, and those are sustained by a very complex set of factors, human intent often being a small piece of the puzzle.
Background Pony #5EEC
Let me tell you why: The ONLY, ONLY reason you ever bring up male sexual assault is to further your own agenda. Absolutely pathetic.
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WTF all the tellin' somebody else how to live their life up in here? Who the hell do y'all think cares what a bunch of randos on a cartoon horse board think of their ink?
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@Background Pony #F996
No "we" don't. That's a gross misrepresentation. Also, if you actually looked at her Tumblr, you'd see that her views are far more reasonable than portrayed. For instance, she calls out sexual assault of a man by a woman and understands that this is a product of patriarchal systems which assume that men are superior and thus cannot be taken advantage of by the "weaker sex," and is thus a side-effect of misogyny, which most feminists understand also hurts men who can't or won't follow the macho narrative. And she seems like a generically nice person, besides.

I went through her tumblr, cripes, shes a "misandry, racism against white people, dont exist!!!!11!" Shes a horrible person, I'm glad she lost a job over this :/