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safe1586228 artist:feather174 princess celestia90417 twilight sparkle284332 alicorn197507 pony853570 unicorn270269 baby talk73 broken english106 cape9118 cardboard120 cardboard cutout231 celestia costume37 clothes412956 costume24956 crown14246 cute180153 daaaaaaaaaaaw3150 feather is trying to murder us1 featured image789 female907586 filly59952 filly twilight sparkle2513 hnnng2283 hoof shoes4224 implied momlestia8 implied princess celestia593 jewelry51803 looking at you145721 looking up14289 mare419747 momlestia fuel86 necklace15490 nightmare night4348 offscreen character29816 open mouth124512 pov14968 regalia16610 shoes30789 sitting55648 smiling217716 solo979903 sweet dreams fuel820 that pony sure does love celestia12 tiara3154 twiabetes10401 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115919 twilight wants to be a princess20 twily97 unicorn twilight13160 weapons-grade cute3238 younger15816


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Warrior of Virtue

Celestia: (groans) Where am I?

Doctor: Lye still Princess. You're in the hospital.

Celestia: What happened?

Doctor: You've been in a temporary adorabetic coma. Thankfully, we expect you to make a full recovery, so long as nothing cute happens for the foreseeable future.

(Enter Twilight, still in costume)

Twilight: Is the pwincess awight?

Celestia: GASP!!!!! (falls unconscious)

Doctor: Code Blue! CODE BLUE!!!!