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I worked 16 hours in a 26 hour time span at my job. I’m exhausted, so have a cute Luna.
I really needed to unwind with something messy and colorful and sparkly…
“Sister, look! It’s like a little jar of stars…”
I like to think that under that formal and regal demeanor, she’s just a kid at heart. Eyes full of wonder at simple things, things she probably missed when she was stuck on the moon.
Featured in ED’s Drawfriend Stuff #1320!
Of course she’s going to set them free afterwards, why would you even say that?
safe1879601 artist:joellethenose67 princess luna105681 alicorn256788 firefly (insect)996 pony1225492 20141062 beautiful6401 crown22248 cute222894 ethereal mane9863 featured image995 female1517349 hooves on the table202 horn101383 jar1199 jewelry81679 long horn570 long mane3978 looking at something3396 lunabetes3844 lying4095 mare566786 prone28987 regalia26107 signature31832 smiling302703 solo1195935 starry eyes4022 starry mane5421 sweet dreams fuel1791 wingding eyes27485


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Background Pony #D5FB
This looks absolutely fantastic. The light from those fireflies are presenting a bright and pleasing use of the color purple, blending in with all of those different textures of blue from Luna’s mane, as well as drawing Luna with such a cute face. What else can I say? This looks amazing.
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Princess of Love - Extra special version for those who participated in the Canterlot Wedding 10th anniversary event by contributing art.
Elements of Harmony - Had an OC in the 2022 Community Collab
Artist -

4-colored maned alicorn
before seeing this: that’s soooooooo cute!!!
after seeing this(in details): whoa that pic is sooooooooooo old!!! :0
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