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The final chart for the forseeable future. This one also examines futanari, but this time proportionally for some major characters.

Note: this is a re-up. The original had Carrot Top cropped half-out of the picture and was missing Rainbow Dash and Zecora.
Note: this is another re-up. The previous version was missing Maud.

1. Comparing the Safe:Suggestive:Questionable:Explicit ratio in normal ponies, anthros and humans >>730750

2. Comparing the Safe:Suggestive:Questionable:Explicit ratio for different characters >>731154

3. Comparing the times a character is involved in an image tagged "Lesbian" or "Straight" >>731166

4. Comparing the times certain characters are tagged for breasts >>731214

5. Futanari (General) >>740752

6. Futanari (Comparing proportional frequency of depiction by character)
Without Maud Pie >>740958
With >>742839

7. Fetishes on Derpibooru >>748336

8. (Part 1) The 30 most prolific artists on Derpibooru by image ratings >>913513
(Part 2) The 30 most prolific artists on Derpibooru by image scores >>913544
suggestive (118342) apple bloom (44789) applejack (152204) berry punch (5903) berryshine (5896) bon bon (14987) carrot top (5008) cheerilee (9035) cup cake (3571) derpy hooves (46718) diamond tiara (9279) dj pon-3 (27212) fluttershy (189573) golden harvest (5008) lyra heartstrings (26728) maud pie (11365) mayor mare (2936) octavia melody (21449) pinkie pie (194428) princess cadance (28946) princess celestia (85940) princess luna (90217) queen chrysalis (30401) rainbow dash (209407) rarity (162135) scootaloo (47639) silver spoon (5961) spitfire (12298) sunset shimmer (52968) sweetie belle (44989) sweetie drops (14962) trixie (58320) twilight sparkle (268978) vinyl scratch (31311) zecora (8201) pegasus (205956) pony (761655) derpibooru (6496) analysis (228) bar chart (6) chart (782) comparison (3792) cutie mark crusaders (16758) female (807374) futa (38715) futa apple bloom (327) futa applejack (2416) futa berry punch (59) futa bon bon (113) futa carrot top (28) futa cheerilee (90) futa cup cake (81) futa derpy hooves (386) futa diamond tiara (55) futa fluttershy (3817) futa lyra heartstrings (192) futa maud pie (263) futa mayor mare (34) futa octavia melody (456) futa pinkie pie (2251) futa princess cadance (666) futa princess celestia (2164) futa princess luna (2045) futa queen chrysalis (1042) futa rainbow dash (3091) futa rarity (2314) futa scootaloo (526) futa silver spoon (37) futa spitfire (300) futa sunset shimmer (590) futa sweetie belle (456) futa trixie (994) futa twilight sparkle (4555) futa vinyl scratch (807) futa zecora (303) intersex (36242) mane six (27520) meta (15466)


not provided yet


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Tired Artist
WELL, I am not surprised in the slightest at the level of maud, not disappointed that fluttershy is a near second though c:
Background Pony #318D
Sigh. Just to be clear, this chart only shows the results of dividing the count for the futa-character tags ("futa maud", "futaloo" "raritrap", etc) by their respective regular character tags ("maud pie", "scootaloo", "rarity", etc).

The former tags aren't applied consistently at all.