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In case anyone needs consistence with saving images, this was image 493448.
suggestive (105399)artist:dakuroihoshi (257)fleur-de-lis (2791)pinkie pie (179092)queen chrysalis (27183)spike (62593)trixie (52153)anthro (185805)blushing (142375)bondage (25043)bondage furniture (1271)breasts (183406)chains (3515)chair (4367)chryspike (38)cleavage (25161)clothes (327395)dialogue (45006)dress (32280)erect nipples (6168)eyes closed (61936)female (679858)fleur-de-spike (6)hanging (1271)harem (625)kissing (18581)leg hug (80)male (230204)nipple outline (4433)open mouth (95020)pinkiespike (354)plantigrade anthro (20483)ring (1445)shipping (151003)smiling (167052)speech bubble (14538)spixie (135)straight (102051)suspended (2245)the greedy dragon (17)


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Background Pony #1510
Ha! Trixie wants spike all to herself " trixie cannot understand what he sees in the rest of you!" oh trixie you are great
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Background Pony #1B8E
Well. The natural progression of pictures will be, an orgy, then a wedding and then another orgy. Hmmmm, tasty.
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