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dead source19184 safe1556465 artist:laurenmagpie61 angel bunny9328 applejack157336 fluttershy195868 gummy4785 opalescence1950 owlowiscious1892 pinkie pie201474 rainbow dash217315 rarity168031 spike74245 tank2559 twilight sparkle279946 winona2418 cat5157 dog8432 dragon46645 earth pony190835 owl845 pegasus232795 pony827591 rabbit4347 tortoise500 unicorn258027 antlers1653 balancing922 bow23617 c:1154 christmas12004 christmas tree3470 decoration467 featured image778 female880689 fire9849 fireplace2337 flying33757 glowing horn16193 hat74722 leaning3067 levitation10334 looking at you140727 looking up13774 magic64572 male299375 mane seven5851 mane six29039 mare404788 mouth hold15199 nuzzling3698 open mouth120539 pet1779 present5302 prone22937 red nose332 rudolph the red nosed reindeer167 santa hat5444 sitting53864 smiling210105 telekinesis24123 tongue out88646 tree26892 unamused13379 unicorn twilight12309 window7083


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For some reason, the fireplace looks like a monster. The ribbon is the eyes and the fire being its open mouth…