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dead source29526 safe1860958 artist:laurenmagpie61 angel bunny10352 applejack180871 fluttershy227608 gummy5269 opalescence2198 owlowiscious2068 pinkie pie229539 rainbow dash249338 rarity194822 spike83987 tank2878 twilight sparkle319887 winona2622 cat7060 dog11109 dragon64640 earth pony312956 owl1383 pegasus356018 pony1205212 rabbit6303 tortoise806 unicorn393650 antlers2576 balancing1175 bow33532 c:1262 christmas16441 christmas tree4851 decoration695 featured image983 female1500627 fire12690 fireplace3104 flying43021 glowing horn22921 hat99409 leaning4090 levitation13404 looking at you196092 looking up18831 magic80741 male422652 mane seven7047 mane six33913 mare556795 mouth hold19661 nuzzling4338 open mouth175969 pet2053 present6968 prone28459 red nose771 rudolph the red nosed reindeer188 santa hat6951 sitting71901 smiling296932 telekinesis31367 tongue out118309 tree37395 unamused18474 unicorn twilight22228 wall of tags4806 window10094


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For some reason, the fireplace looks like a monster. The ribbon is the eyes and the fire being its open mouth…