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Really late! But my little sister and I came up with this while watching the episodes…the things we come up with…
safe1971899 artist:taco-bandit50 applejack187819 big macintosh31309 rainbow dash259367 spike87297 dragon72207 earth pony361602 pegasus406826 pony1323814 testing testing 1-2-31491 4 panel comic215 angry32642 apple19115 applejack's hat11906 bed50076 bedroom13640 clothes559348 colt17897 comic123879 cowboy hat21933 crying50461 dialogue80212 door4811 eyes closed120782 female1603622 floppy ears64529 food87756 frown28802 hat108960 male459925 mare618534 multicolored hair8940 pillow22492 poking678 rainbow hair3902 rope14185 sad28468 smiling331337 speech bubble32072 stallion150175 suit7611 text76061 that pony sure does love apples852


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