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Nightmare fuel
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Background Pony #2CC8
With the news that the Edge browser (Win10's built in browser) is moving to a Chromimum rendering engine soon, a la Firefox and Opera did in the past, this picture is even more apt than it was already…

No other browsers will truly exist in the future — there will be only Google Chrome.
(Google: "Good. You shall join us in improving the world, one additional user at a time. Resistance is futile…")
Posted Report
Background Pony #B0E0
(grabs error gun) eat this (error sounds)………….well sh….(loading……..errorrrrrrr)(crash)
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Temporal Physicist
By the by, I have switched to Chrome. I do like it, but it bugs me when I start typing in for a URL I've been to before and it gives me nothing but search topics instead. Or the URL I'm looking for is there for a split second before it's replaced by search topics. (I do find the fact that the "couldn't connect" page is a mini-game amusing, though)

I have become one of them.
Brass Melody
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

General Gas Lover
Well I've been a proud user of Google Chrome for who knows how many years and just recently WHY DO I KEEP GETTING A DOWNLOAD-AP.COM POPUP!?
Background Pony #0018
Good thing I use Internet Explorer. I shall never join you, NEVAAAARRR!!!!!!11!!1!!
Background Pony #11C8
Welcome to the Google botnet family! We thank you for surrendering your personal privacy. In so doing you are helping the global economy by allowing advertisers to better tailor their pinpoint marketing campaigns. You are even making the world a safer place by helping the NSA to more easily track subversive elements pedophiles and terrorists. And don't worry! From now on, we will hang on to all your personal information and browsing habits so that those nasty hackers don't get it. Enjoy the New Freedom!