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safe1878360 ahuizotl867 allie way571 angel bunny10417 apple bloom54467 applejack182112 berry punch6948 berryshine6948 big macintosh30285 blossomforth1481 bon bon17367 bulk biceps3599 carrot cake2272 carrot top5753 cerberus (character)199 cheerilee10501 cherry jubilee1165 cloudchaser4030 colter sobchak136 con mane76 crackle363 crafty crate116 cranky doodle donkey1082 cup cake4481 daisy2715 daring do6704 derpy hooves52650 diamond tiara10873 discord33593 dj pon-330811 doctor horse397 doctor stable397 doctor whooves11279 donut joe832 fancypants2074 featherweight1325 filthy rich1229 flam2283 fleur-de-lis4081 flim2381 flitter3176 flower wishes2591 fluttershy229366 garble1983 golden harvest5753 granny smith5649 gummy5303 gustave le grande254 harry562 iron will1391 jeff letrotski213 jesús pezuña45 lily2101 lily valley2101 lyra heartstrings31295 mare do well1010 matilda547 mayor mare3502 minuette6262 mulia mild136 octavia melody25321 opalescence2209 owlowiscious2077 peewee297 pinkie pie231144 pipsqueak2947 pound cake2731 princess cadance35413 princess celestia101419 princess luna105648 pumpkin cake2487 queen chrysalis37715 rainbow dash251104 rarity196200 roseluck5470 rumble4177 scootaloo53977 screw loose567 screwball1518 shining armor25006 smarty pants1514 snails5542 snips4396 spike84528 spitfire14281 surf58 sweetie belle51783 sweetie drops17365 tank2899 thunderlane4441 time turner11273 truffle shuffle425 turf84 twilight sparkle322000 vinyl scratch30811 wild fire917 winona2636 zecora10070 alicorn256580 bear1813 cerberus283 changeling54756 changeling queen19897 donkey2168 dragon65571 earth pony320986 goat1422 griffon30734 hybrid24009 minotaur1139 mule394 pegasus364113 pony1224172 rabbit6469 unicorn401414 zebra19779 official10718 season 23312 animal5634 colt16843 doctor765 doll6234 everypony390 female1516151 filly78158 fim crew50 flower trio605 friendship express532 future twilight1124 group4140 hasbro2487 high res76210 hub logo10004 hubble2153 male427813 mane six34178 mare566060 multiple heads1805 my little pony logo4932 official artwork16 official season poster8 poster6041 scan350 shiningcadance2974 shipping219979 stallion134884 statue2649 straight151408 the big lebowski131 the hub2619 three heads616 wall of tags4919


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Hm, I think the only characters introduced in season 2 that are not on the poster are Jet Set and Upper Crust. I guess the poster is too country for them.
Thread Starter - Word Associaton

Silly pony. The mare under the mask doesn’t matter. Mare Do Well can be anypony. A hero can be anypony. Even a mare doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat  
around a little colt’s shoulders to let him know the world hasn’t ended.
Lurker Pony
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I just realized. This is one of the first shots I’ve seen with adult Shining Armor… without his shining armor!
It might also mean that he’s pretty casual about it.
“Screw Ball as Discord’s creation? Octavia being her offical name? Etc? Etc? Surewhynot.jpg.”
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Well, if it’s given out in stores, I’d say it’s official.  
Which would also mean that someone on staff is paying much closer to fandom headcanon than I thought.
Conner Cogwork

You wanna know who surprises me being in this picture the most?
Miss Angry Tomato Pony. She doesn’t get a lot of art. Someone should rectify this.

All this fanservice, I can’t, I caaaaaant!  
Just perfection ;A; And also Lyra and Bonbon, Berry hugging Carrot top and Colgate.. don’t mind me, just drowning in my own fangirling.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

The ponies from “Putting Your Hoof Down” reading Iron Will’s assertiveness program.
I wonder if there is any clue for season 3, like last year’s…