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suggestive (120105) artist:0r0ch1 (460) rarity (163585) anthro (213864) unguligrade anthro (39869) adorasexy (8274) bane (213) bathrobe (1175) beautiful (4037) beautisexy (238) bed (33594) breasts (220268) cleavage (28932) clothes (381775) curvy (5357) cute (162957) cutie mark (36907) eyeshadow (11640) female (825609) fingernails (340) fire ruby (650) food (55916) impossibly wide hips (1945) ipad (173) makeup (15736) nail polish (6330) robe (2704) sexy (21037) shipping (174279) smiling (197365) solo (924777) straight (115311) stupid sexy rarity (756) thunder thighs (5662) towel (3045) wide hips (12541)


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22 comments posted
Background Pony #18D6
I tried this pose, its not that impossible (im tall and thin), although i missed like 30° to line those buttcheeks up like that
Background Pony #8C2C
There's so much that's weird and off-putting about this. Hips are nice and all, but they just look strange here. Her face has a case of the derp. Her arms are weirdly small in comparison to the rest of her. Not to mention her spine. Bane I get is for giggles, but it just ruins things.

Honestly, the most appealing part of this picture is the background.

Okay, I was actually lying down on my side when I saw this one. I tried imitating the exact pose.

It's sorta possible, but OUCH… You do not wanna do that for very long.
Background Pony #1986
This is what happens when you get so carried away you forget what anatomy is.
Her eyes aren't even focused on you <.>
Background Pony #5009
Top half of her is gorgous. Bottom half, not so much. I know Or0ch1 likes hips, but damn…