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An entire small set of Magic: the Gathering cards themed after seasons 1 and 2.
artist needed25049 safe1556803 ahuizotl746 amethyst star2249 angel bunny9328 apple bloom46206 apple fritter708 applejack157359 big macintosh26676 bloomberg140 blues906 bon bon15483 braeburn6083 caesar303 caramel2336 carrot top5118 chancellor puddinghead347 cheerilee9284 chief thunderhooves255 clover the clever337 coco crusoe538 colter sobchak117 commander hurricane399 cranky doodle donkey906 daisy2195 daring do5982 derpy hooves47931 diamond tiara9587 discord28441 doctor whooves9997 fancypants1757 filthy rich1060 flam2002 fleur-de-lis3324 flim2125 flower wishes2061 fluttershy195894 gilda9035 golden harvest5118 granny smith4950 gummy4785 iron will1291 jeff letrotski179 lily1755 lily valley1755 little strongheart727 lyra heartstrings27501 manny roar198 mare do well939 mayor mare3030 mulia mild116 nightmare moon15894 noteworthy907 opalescence1951 peewee278 philomena1020 photo finish2500 pinkie pie201515 pipsqueak2691 prince blueblood3795 princess cadance30135 princess celestia89085 princess luna93185 private pansy264 queen chrysalis31925 rainbow dash217358 rainbowshine763 rarity168060 roseluck4620 sapphire shores977 scootaloo48848 shining armor21555 silver spoon6176 smart cookie240 snails5120 snips3981 soarin'13261 sparkler2099 spike74258 spitfire12695 star swirl the bearded1854 steven magnet556 sweetie belle46296 sweetie drops15483 tank2559 theodore donald "donny" kerabatsos74 time turner9982 tom857 trixie61232 twilight sparkle279993 twist2775 winona2418 zecora8690 alicorn191296 bear1063 changeling39137 changeling queen11239 cockatrice502 diamond dog3199 donkey1572 dragon46665 earth pony190936 flying squirrel18 griffon24451 hydra444 manticore513 owl845 parasprite1962 pegasus232919 pony827919 timber wolf1239 unicorn258212 ursa major173 ursa minor570 zebra15450 winter wrap up966 absurd resolution63717 apple family member2491 baked bads97 buck133 canterlot4856 card2624 checklist272 cloudsdale1187 colt13141 cutie mark crusaders17537 cutie pox87 donny75 elements of harmony2330 everypony358 female881037 filly58446 flower trio514 future twilight1012 glowing eyes9573 magic the gathering693 male299508 mare405008 mousse moose12 multiple heads1508 ponyville4921 sonic rainboom990 stallion90532 sugarcube corner1905 wall of tags2249 zap apple390


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11 comments posted
Background Pony #153F
Rainbow Dash: Monoblue with first strike? They haven't done that since pre-eighth edition!

Gummy: It should say you choose one result to ignore.

Trixie: She feels incredibly off flavor. Monoblack, with that effect? Not bad, but it just doesn't feel like Trixie.

Rarity: Have their ever been non Un-set cards that interacted with cards based on their rarity? I mean, it doesn’t really matter if you don’t care about that kind of thing. Also, how does it interact with tokens?

Pinkie: Should say "Then flip a coin."

Daring Do, Ahuizotl: I thought Red got temporary stealing, Blue got permanent?

Spitfire: Should say "next untap step" unless you want it to stay tapped permanently.

Luna/Nightmare Moon, Pipsqueak: Can effects care about which face is up?

Photo Finish: Can you do that?

Golden Harvest: Why does a monogreen creature give you Red mana?

Quarray Eel: Why is it black?

Also, there are a number of typos and some types don't make sense to me at all. Rarity as a shaman?

@Background Pony #2B79

Actually "fight" is a thing. Prey Upon, Pit Fight, Domri Rade's second ability… It's also an old ability.

These are all pretty solid in a vacuum, but overall, it's full of tryharding.
6/10 would playtest.
Background Pony #B8DA
That "Want-it Need-it Spell". This ain't no Yu-Gi-Oh! Creatures don't simply attack creatures! It should be something like Applebloom's Loopty-Hoop!

3BBB is really cheap for a triple bury.

Queen Chrysalis misses the whole "Return exiled creature whenever Queen Chrysalis leaves play."

"As long as Prince Blueblood is untaped"

Chancellor Puddinghead is sacrificed upon playing it.

Shouldn't Cadance only be able to bind with Shining Armor? Now that hussy can marry anyone!

TGaP Trixie seems pretty poop…

Fek it these weren't meant to be balanced. Playing a FFA with four of these decks should be pretty fun though.