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just drew this, some kind of headcannon. on the opposite side of the world of MLP there’s another country populated with equines, larger than Equestria which is a socio-technocratic autocracy, where magic is illegal, always been at war with Equestria, all that led by that scary little thing in the middle whom i’m still searching for a name. ( for instance, i’m gonna go with President-Director in chief of the Republic of Industaria.)

not provided yet


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Background Pony #EE6B
also that mare in the middle got me thinking this though.

Me-…. ummm, mam, are you okay?

Mare- never…….. buttsex…… stallion, too big.
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Background Pony #EE6B
and they always get their asses kicked because they have no defense against a force that alters reality at will.
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