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safe1879801 artist:xennos126 twilight sparkle322127 alicorn256798 pony1225758 trinity: rebirth28 alternate hairstyle31550 armor26193 badass3448 corrupted2995 crown22257 epic1418 evil3311 female1517505 galaxy693 grammar error1948 looking at you199401 looking back68113 mare566844 misspelling2689 newbie artist training grounds6534 nightmare1510 older31861 raised hoof55436 raised leg9198 simple background463806 solo1196095 theory437 twibutt6630 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133549 tyrant sparkle738 wallpaper19562


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I LOVE how pointless (I mean, not literally) the tail armor is. Perfect equivalent of all that spiky metal bikini in surrealistic fantasy staff. Good job adapting this style (funny parody for me) to MLP.
CRITIQUE PS: Technique is also very well done. You should improve your anatomy, tho. Thoose bootys - awesome. Skeleton of rare leg and different thickness of forelegs - not so much.
Background Pony #70BD
Twilight is so dark and edgy now so she doesn’t even need English grammar skills anymore!

Oh it’s a comic? EVEN BETTER!  
I’m already watching you on devART. My imagination is gonna LOVE this, it loves making it’s own side stories. Though I never write them down because I’m a terrible writer.

I really want to read this story you’re making. My imagination demands it. Do you have it available yet or are you waiting to have it finished?
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The Exiled
If you are really a fan of the series you’ll know that their tail functional as much as their arm. So yes the tail armors act as both weapon and shield in the same time.