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Unlimited rice pudding
I'm not just talking about their appearances!! Batponies aren't "unique snowflake OCs" because they are in fact a canon race. Overpowered alicorn mary sues with loads of colours (particularly red, black, magenta and lime green) who are in some kind of relationship with one or more of the main cast and are generally "fantastic", on the other hand, are not.

Remember that moment in Luna Eclipsed? With the lunar guards? Which were batponies? You know? Just because batpony does not automatically mean OP Mary Sue.
An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
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And what about the OCs that are an ugly mix of pony and something else that furfags are so fond of?
And the ones with high-contrast colors, piercings, tattoos, and odd glowy bits? Are you saying those are better than batponies?

Wow, not only you used a background pony "joke" in 2014, but you also called a batpony OC "decent".

Are you sure EQD isn't a better place for you? I'm sure that with such wit and taste as exquisite as yours, you'd fit right in.