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Background Pony #90EC
I’m surely not the only one not thrilled at FiM/EQG’s excessive use of parody that only got more excessive as it went on. Ending it was likely the best thing ever. Now it can be left exclusively to the Bronies, and no more animated parodies, save the comics. When is parody ever not trite in a series like this? It does it’s best when it’s being “original”.
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Young Leosword
Something about this page is simply one big unsubstantial reference to Disney Land, but most of us occasionally forget the entire fandom is based on unsubstantial references to other franchises in order to mask the fact we’re not the target audience. No, wait, I’m confusing the target audience thing with the unreasonable standards thing. Damn, I lost my train of thought. Never mind. XD
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I see all these people complaining about this.
And meanwhile.
I’m just laughing at how far out of left field this came from.
And how the deadly serious Applejack and the unnecessarily dramatic Rarity are effectively acting like children.
Can’t we just have a laugh or move on if we can’t?
Background Pony #C276
Am I the one only who noticed that the pumpkin has Jack Skellington’s face?
Background Pony #E7C4
Sometimes it’s fun to be scared.  
Although I notice they drew their hands very obviously not doing what you’d expect them to be doing in that situation…
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I’m amused that Rarity and AJ are scared of the Haunted Stable given what they’ve faced without flinching in the show proper.
Background Pony #E7C4
What. The hell, people. This is hilarious, and all y’all can do is find something else to bitch about?
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c’mon, while many pairings you can think of feel cliche and without potential, the guys of IDW really can pull out something awesome even out of most bland ones.
Don’t judge the book by the cover. It’s especially true in case of these comics.