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@Otaku Brony

I like pies.
Please don’t take it as an offense, I’m just saying my opinion.

Wow, even with something not related to the picture at all, the statement is still absolutely pointless.

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@Otaku Brony
To quote Pia's comment on the source page:

"Come on, this is pure friendshiping here!"

Much like that picture of Rarity and Coco Pia did this is apparently not a romntic shipping picture, so I'm going to remove the shipping tags.
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Yeah, to be fair nothing in the source image's description says this is "shippy," this looks like it could be interpretated either way if the viewer wishes.

And yeah, a good artist wouldn't let their favorite 'shippings get in the way of what they draw. I'm not into 'shipping, but I can admit some 'shipper pics are well-drawn.

Also, surprisingly "Rarity lifting" was a thing for a brief while.
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I guess she's not as devoted to her ship as I thought. I know some artists who won't even draw outside of their preferred ships for money.